Are you really ‘cleaning’ your home?

As we become more aware of the toxins in our environment and the everyday products we use, it is only natural to wonder what it is made of. To start let’s do a little exercise. As most people use this very popular dishwashing liquid, go to your kitchen and have a look at the ingredients listed on the back… for those who are fortunate enough NOT to be using this dishwashing liquid this is what the ingredients states: ‘Amongst other things, anionic detergents, solubilisers, colourants and perfume.’ Makes you wonder what those ‘other things’ are… Remember those ‘other things’ also leave a residue on your cutlery and crockery which you then use to eat. Essentially you are consuming these chemicals.
Just like lead poisoning, the effects of these chemicals usually are not instant. They gradually eat away at your health over time, because they are absorbed through your skin. Your skin is like a sponge. The chemicals in laundry detergent end up on your clothes and they are never rinsed completely. As you wear them on your body, the chemicals soak into your skin.

Have you ever had dry, itchy, or irritable skin in areas where you wear clothes? Do you ever get headaches when cleaning? These may be the initial ‘mild’ symptoms of these toxins in your body. Over time this toxic gunk can build up in your body and begin to wreak havoc on your immune system and overall health.

Petrochemicals, which are the synthetic chemicals made out of petroleum, are found in the ingredients on laundry detergents such as fragrance, phthalates, artificial colours and NPEs. These lethal toxins build up in your skin, and may cause many serious health problems such as asthma, autism, infertility, allergies, and even cancer.

When shopping for cleaning products, what is the first thing you look for? After considering the price, you want to know what it smells like. You may think you are choosing between spring blossoms and mountain rain, but you might actually be sniffing formaldehyde and inhaling at least one carcinogen (cancer-causing agent).

Formaldehyde causes cancer in animals and may do so in humans too. In addition to severe allergic reactions, this gas can also irritate your respiratory system and cause nausea. It is nauseating indeed to think of how often we are exposed to these fumes while doing laundry and wearing clothes that carry the scent.

Are your white clothes really whiter after you wash them? Most laundry detergents contain optical brighteners, which are chemicals that trick your sensory perception. Your clothes are not really whiter and brighter, you only think they are. Optical brighteners leave a residue of molecules that reflect ultraviolet light from your clothing. The detergents are not providing a deeper clean to brighten fabrics; they are leaving yet another layer of chemicals to give the appearance of vivid colour.

Cleaning products by Earthsap do not contain dyes, artificial fragrances or preservatives, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine or bleaches, animal or genetically modified ingredients. Not only are they good for you and your family but they are also good for the environment as they are rapidly bio-degradable and contain organic essential oils. Ingredients are locally sourced and are in recyclable packaging.

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