What you can expect from a consult with me

Visiting a Homeopath can be a new experience for many, so I’d like to shed some light on what to expect.

➡ My consultations are approximately 60 minutes. The main reason for the visit will be covered in detail along with other conditions/ailments the patient may have. Part of homeopathic treatment is to understand the full picture of the patients’ illness. For example no two eczemas are the same therefore the patients’ prescriptions will be different.

➡ A full head-to-toe review of systems is covered, discussing all other minor symptoms a patient may have. These are clues to other possible underlying issues. In some cases, if a blood test is required, I will send a patient to a local lab for bloods to be drawn.

➡ I conduct a full body composition scan to test my patients total body water, protein, minerals, muscle mass, metabolic rate and fat percentage. This is a vital tool I use to personalise an exercise plan and dietary changes that may need to be made. I address energy levels, sleep, diet and exercise for every patient. I review the vitamins and supplements a patient is taking, helping them take what they need to avoid unnecessary products.

I have a fully stocked homeopathic dispensary at my practice so all medication is made up and dispensed by me.

When would you visit a Homeopath?
I treat acute to chronic conditions. For a full list of conditions that I treat please visit my website www.drtnaidoo.co.za. As a holistic practitioner we are not limited to certain systems as we address a patient as a whole. Patients can also book for general check up to review general health and wellbeing, diet and exercise or request blood tests to check common parameters such as cholesterol, glucose, thyroid function, iron etc.

Does medical aid cover homeopathic consultation and treatment? Yes. Most medical aids cover the consult and medication in full. You may submit your invoice for reimbursement purposes to your medical as we do not accept medical aid at the practice.

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